SFACS established its business in Ravenna in 1976 as a forwarding company and terminal operator, managing a terminal with 15,000 square metres of outdoor space, 3,000 square metres of warehouses and 170 metres of quayside with priority docking.

The experience gained since then in managing the transport, storage, loading and unloading of various types of cargo is part of the company's assets: iron pipes for Dalmine, hazardous and non-hazardous chemical products in bags, on pallets and in drums for Montedison, primary aluminium in billets, ingots and bars for Alluminia, logs and sawn timber for the major timber merchants in Northern Italy, plant engineering and exceptional loads for the main intermodal transport companies. At the time, these goods were transported by conventional ships.

Beginning in the early 1970s, however, and increasingly since then, most of these cargoes have been transported by container and/or Ro-Ro ships.

It has been easy for SFACS to evolve together with the market, as it is able to rely on staff with a perfect understanding of container traffic, having developed their expertise in the sector since this mode of transport first became available.

SFACS is an efficiently structured company which operates at the state of the art. Thanks to the adoption of cutting edge IT systems, it is able to express all the professional expertise developed over four decades in the industry. The company's clients receive the benefits of its commercial experience and technological support, with efficient planning, coordination and supervision of road transport, shipping and air freight activities.

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